Las Vegas, Santa Barbara and San Francisco

So, moving from LA now, our next stop was Las Vegas. In Vegas, Marc got conjunctivitis. It cost us a US$200 house call to confirm that diagnosis! But Marc couldn’t let conjunctivitis get in the way of playing Texas Hold’em Poker. On his first sitting he managed to win about US$200 playing $1-$2 no-limit. The second sitting was even more profitable, with a US$400 winning. But we didn’t have it for long 🙂 the winnings paid for tickets to the shows. We saw two Cirque de Soleil shows – Ka and ‘O’. Ka was amazing, the whole stage moved up and down and rotated from horizontal to vertical and around in circles. The set was unbelievable. ‘O’ was even better! The stage for ‘O’ moves around and sinks to reveal a pool of water, where most of the performance takes place. There is a lot of diving and acrobatic stunts which were amazing. We also saw Jay Leno do a stand up comedy show, the night had us laughing before the show even started as after we had taken our seats in the theatre and got comfortable, in came the people in the three seats in front of us, and choosing to sit directly in front of me was a a lady with the biggest hair ever. When she sat down she blocked the entire stage from my view, I swear her head was at least 3 times bigger than the people sitting next to her. I couldn’t help but laugh and the people next to us and behind us were all laughing as well. The last show we saw was Lance Burton, a magician. This was pretty lame, but Marc wanted to see a magician! I think I actually slept through some of the show… so I don’t really have much more to say about that.
While in Vegas we went on a day trip to the Grand Canyon. We visited the West Rim of the Canyon, in the Hualapai Indian Reservation. This area of the canyon has Eagle Point, a part of the canyon that forms the shape of an eagle with outstretched wings. There are no barriers along the edge of the canyon, so you can walk right up to the edge, if you want. The view here was quite spectacular. From Eagle Point we went over to Guano Point for lunch, where you can eat lunch outside on the edge of the canyon, again the views along the canyon were great. The only downside to the tour was our bus driver, who felt the need to stop every hour for 10-15 mins to smoke 2 or 3 cigarettes.
From Las Vegas, we flew back to LA and then drove up the west coast to San Francisco. We stopped at Santa Barbara for a couple of nights on the way, which was really nice. We didn’t do much in Santa Barbara, just spent most of the time relaxing. From Santa Barbera, it took about 6 hours to drive up to San Francisco. San Francisco was really cold, it was summer, but it felt a bit like winter in Sydney. We spent an afternoon on a segway tour around Fisherman’s Wharf; riding segways was a lot of fun and we saw Alcatraz off in the distance. Unfortunately all the ferry’s over to the island were booked out, so we didn’t get over there to see the prison. The change in weather caught up with us the next day when we both got a pretty bad cold and spent the whole day asleep. And sadly, that’s how our time in San Francisco ended, we didn’t see much of it at all.


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